A Family Tradition, Legacy & Vision


Jake Dieleman Founder of Jake's Crane

Jake’s Crane was established in 1946 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a 10-ton Lorain Moto-Crane (truck crane) serving a small Nevada town.  Headquartered close to the famed Las Vegas Strip, Jake’s since then has supplied rail transshipment deliveries and crane and rigging services region-wide.  One special facet of its legacy is having erected a huge majority of the notable high-rise buildings punctuating the city’s half century of explosive growth.  Simply stated, Jake’s has been very influential in creating the famed Las Vegas horizon as the world sees it today.

Beyond stellar high-rise construction support in Las Vegas and other cities nationwide, Jake’s versatile capabilities are recognized internationally as top heavy lift and transport specialists.  This includes serving refineries, power plants, ports and mines, constructing bridges and dams, and more. Anytime and anywhere, Jake’s can mobilize a cost-effective mix of rigging equipment, cranes, and/or transporters specifically customized for speedily accomplishing any type of challenging heavy lift/move project.


Jake W. Dieleman, the founder of Jake’s Crane and Rigging was born in Axel, The Netherlands, in 1904.  He had always dreamed of life in America but his dream was blocked by strict quota limits on immigration to the United States. He left Holland permanently in 1921 and immigrated to Canada for the opportunity to enroll in agricultural school. He used this new education to gain entry into the United States, worked as a rigger and derrick operator in the granite quarries in Vermont, and became a US citizen in 1929.

Jake worked on numerous large projects such as the Boston tunnel where he developed and honed his skills. In the 1930’s he traveled west to help build multi-purpose dams for the US government and served as one of the original ‘31’ers on Hoover Dam. He worked through it’s completion in 1936 as a ‘high scaler’, and a crane, derrick and cableway operator. He remained ever-grateful to his adopted country for the many opportunities he found here.


Jake’s youngest son assumed the company’s presidency in August of 1981, thereby continuing both its ownership and leadership in the family for a second generation.  In keeping with maintaining the highest standards of customer service and support and with the talents and enthusiasm of an upcoming third generation of Dielemans comes the prospect of sustaining a bright future for Jake’s companies.


Jake’s is long renowned for successfully planning, engineering, and safely executing diverse and highly challenging crane, rigging, and transport endeavors. Jake’s core enthusiasm for creativity and innovation sustains its global reputation as a top industry leader.

Looking ahead, Jake’s passion is to continue advancing the state of its art – by bringing together products from the finest manufacturers worldwide, and where needed by designing and supplying ever more superior equipment and methodologies, for safe high-speed movement and placement of ultra-heavy loads anywhere.  Jake’s teams creatively apply their valuable knowledge and experience in a constant quest to keep safely raising heavy lift and haul technologies to ever higher performance levels. Jake’s goals remain steadfast today – to provide customers with the finest, safest, and most cost-effective high speed movement capabilities available now and into the future.