Heavy Lift Solutions

Two TG’s in Temple Square

Two TG's in Temple Square

Jake’s TG 1900’s constructing the annex and 7-story underground parking garage for the 'Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ' in Salt Lake City, Utah, 2000

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TG1900 Portal Gantry

Jake's custom designed TG1900 Portal Gantry

Jake's custom designed TG1900 Portal Gantry mounted upon a 32' gage rail at the Shinston Power Plant in West Virginia. It straddles the 4'-11" gage railway for the uniquely designed and manufactured 'KelKart' transport system.

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25% Overload Test

SL400 25% Overload Test

Jake’s SL400 (Street Legal 400-ton capacity) truck crane shown picking 1,000,000 lbs. at minimum (13.7 ft.) radius, 1991. This stellar crane can be set up to begin operations within two hours after arriving at the jobsite. Both the crane itself and the 500-ton capacity 40 ft. spreader bar were conceived, designed, engineered, fabricated, load tested and certified at Jake's own facilities.

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Luffing Crane at Hemet Dam

Luffing Crane at Hemet Dam

Jake’s TG1900 hoisting high-productivity 5 cubic yard lay-down bucket on a single part 1-5/8” load line at speeds up to 715 ft/min. in California

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Heavy Transport Solutions

Vessel Transfer Port/Refinery

Vessel Transfer from Port to Refinery

Refinery vessel transported on support beams mounted upon castered-steering dollies from Port of Richmond, California, to Rodeo, California

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425,000 lb. Autoclave Move

Autoclave Transfer From Mfgr. to Mine

Jake’s custom-designed, engineered and fabricated JXS (Jake’s Xtra Speed) ultra-heavy transport system, hauling a massive autoclave on the I-80 freeway 275-miles from Salt Lake City, Utah, to ‘Gold Mist’ mine in Nevada. Overall configuration en route was: 700,000 lbs., 18’ high, 21’ wide. As shown here, this 262' long, 164 wheel rig is successfully negotiating a 90 degree turn to avoid a low freeway bridge, 1989

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Schnabel Heavy Haul System

Schnabel Heavy Haul System

JXS (Jake’s Xtra Speed) ultra-heavy transport system moving a Jake’s 11320 American crawler crane en route at freeway speed to Southern California complete with carbody, house, gantry, boom inner, and all drums full. This Schnabel configuration eliminates the bed both to lower the profile and to maximize payload-to-gross-weight efficiency.

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Truss-Supported Load

Truss-Supported Load Transport System

Jake’s custom-designed, engineered and fabricated heavy transport system. Truss evenly spreads load weight between front and rear tractors and castered-steering dollies. Shown transporting Jake’s American 11320 450-ton capacity crawler crane complete with carbody, house, gantry, boom inner, and all drums full. En route to set massive girders spanning I-5 for the Seattle Convention Center.

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Custom Fabrication Solutions

Custom Design & Fabrication

Jake's SL 400 Dolly in Yard Thumbnail

Low profile dolly enabling Jake’s SL400 (Street Legal 400-ton capacity) truck crane to meet California’s bridge and weight laws so as to qualify for an annual statewide on-highway operating permit (in CA only).

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Panama Canal Portal Gantry

Gantry Legs being manufactured for the Panama Canal Authority

Jake's custom-designed and fabricated mobile portal gantry supporting a Link Belt crawler crane (carbody and upper) for the Panama Canal Authority

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Specialty Product Design

Jake's Custom 100-ton Spreader Bar

Rapid response design, engineering, and manufacturing tailored to meet customers' explicit requirements. Custom designed products shown above include Jake's 100-ton capacity 30 ft. spreader bar, two of Jake's shorter 100-ton spreader bars being used in tandem, material skips and a Jake's manbasket.

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State-of-the-art TG Redesign

TG Redesign Crew Thumbnail

In the redesigning/remanufacturing of the TG, great care was taken to be sure that the structural integrity of the machine was not altered. It’s new operator’s cab is 45% larger with 130% more glass. It’s hydraulic system, with it’s original maze of hose and fittings, is entirely replaced with new, state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronic, joystick controls. It’s power is provided by a Cummins QSK19 diesel engine that provides 600 horsepower with greatly reduced noise and emissions.

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Lift System & Rigging Engineering

TG’s Atop Iowa Power Plant

Jake’s Rigging & Lift Planning Division developed and coordinated the manufacture of installations for both a trolly-mounted and a static-mounted TG on top of the Council Bluffs 4 Power Plant in Council Bluffs, IA

Jake’s developed and coordinated the manufacture of installations for both trolly-mounted and static-mounted TG's atop the Council Bluffs 4 Power Plant, 2006

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American 9310 Guy Horse

Jake's American 9310 Guy Horse and I-70 Bridge in Utah

Placing final I5-ton girder segment at 273 ft. radius utilizing custom-designed and fabricated rigging and luffing tower for an I-70 freeway arch bridge in Utah, ~1990

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American 9299 Guy Derrick

Special hexagon spreader bar with 36 pick points. Swinging and setting a 110-ton amphitheater at a 100' radius for Marnell Corrao at Caesar's Palace on the Las Vegas Strip

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Power Pick and Carry

Power Pick and Carry Thumbnail Image

Jake’s American 11320 ‘Mini-Super’ Sky Horse, “walking” with a 94’ dia. jet fuel tank at Las Vegas airport. An identical tank was moved by the same means in Colorado. This 99% capacity load was successfully moved using a custom designed and fabricated rigging system with 16 pick points plus special internal tank floor support, 1990.

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Transloading & Transshipment

Sky Horse Pick and Walk

11320 Sky Horse Pick and Walk

Jake’s American 11320 Sky Horse transloading vessel onto a module (assembled at Swan Island, Oregon) for ocean barging to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1986

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Off-road Transshipment

Off-road Transshipment

Two 9-axle combinations, each with rear steering, delivering a 185-ton transformer in Southern Nevada

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Transshiping on JXS Trailers

Transhipping on JXS Trailers Thumbnail

The JXS (Jake’s Xtra Speed) transport system is designed to meet all California on-highway bridge and weight laws

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Transloading to JXS Trailers

Transloading to JXS Platform Trailers

Jakes American 9310 Conventional transloading maximum capacity load at minimum radius from special rail car onto front and rear synchronized JXS (Jake’s Xtra Speed) platforms that provide axle load equalization and maximize payload-to-gross-weight efficiency

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