Custom Fabrication Solutions

Specialty Product Design

Jake's Custom 100-ton Spreader Bar

Rapid response design, engineering, and manufacturing tailored to meet customers' explicit requirements. Custom designed products shown above include Jake's 100-ton capacity 30 ft. spreader bar, two of Jake's shorter 100-ton spreader bars being used in tandem, material skips and a Jake's manbasket.

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Panama Canal Portal Gantry

Gantry Legs being manufactured for the Panama Canal Authority

Jake's custom-designed and fabricated mobile portal gantry supporting a Link Belt crawler crane (carbody and upper) for the Panama Canal Authority

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State-of-the-art TG Redesign

TG Redesign Crew Thumbnail

In the redesigning/remanufacturing of the TG, great care was taken to be sure that the structural integrity of the machine was not altered. It’s new operator’s cab is 45% larger with 130% more glass. It’s hydraulic system, with it’s original maze of hose and fittings, is entirely replaced with new, state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronic, joystick controls. It’s power is provided by a Cummins QSK19 diesel engine that provides 600 horsepower with greatly reduced noise and emissions.

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Custom Design & Fabrication

Jake's SL 400 Dolly in Yard Thumbnail

Low profile dolly enabling Jake’s SL400 (Street Legal 400-ton capacity) truck crane to meet California’s bridge and weight laws so as to qualify for an annual statewide on-highway operating permit (in CA only).

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