Notable Projects

Jake’s Crane was established in 1946 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a 10-ton Lorain truck crane serving a small Nevada town.  Headquartered close to the famed Las Vegas Strip, Jake’s since then has supplied rail transshipment deliveries and crane and rigging services citywide. Erecting a huge majority of the notable high-rise buildings punctuating the city’s half century of explosive growth is one special facet of its legacy. Simply stated, Jake’s has been very influential in creating the famed Las Vegas horizon as the world sees it today.   

Beyond stellar high-rise construction support in Las Vegas and other cities nationwide, Jake’s versatile capabilities are recognized internationally as well in other realms needing top heavy lift and transport specialists.  This includes serving refineries, power plants, ports, mines, civil works (building bridges, dams, etc.), and more. Anytime and anywhere, Jake’s can mobilize a cost-effective mix of cranes and/or transporters specifically customized for speedily accomplishing any type of challenging heavy lift/move project.

Our Notable Projects are some of the most memorable projects that date back to our early years. They range across all our divisions: