Lift System & Rigging Engineering

Lift system and Rigging Engineering

Jake’s provides services relating to the planning and engineering of critical lifts using mobile, tower, and gantry cranes along with alternative lifting methods. 

Jake’s team members’ experience includes the planning and engineering of critical lifts for the Army Corps of Engineers, CAL-OSHA, and NV-OSHA along with a diverse variety of contractors and crane companies located throughout the United States. 

In addition to this lift planning and engineering, Jake’s has the ability to handle the design through production of lifting beams, attachments, and any other ancillary rigging items per customer requirements.   Through innovative thinking, a current Jake’s team member was able to obtain a US Patent for a Movable Sheave Assembly used with lattice boom truck cranes.

To the left, Jake’s installed the Brooklyn Bridge rigging during the construction of the New York-New York Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, 1996-1997.